Pardell Electric has trained specialists ready to help create a distributed Russound audio system with built in speakers and software that will allow you to play music from multiple handheld devices to different locations in your home. Looking to create a media room? Pardell Electric Inc is able to take your sound to theatre quality levels.


Surveillance systems can give you a level of comfort that your home is secure. Pardell Electric Inc can install high defininiton security cameras and software that will allow you to access your cameras from your hand held device.


Lighting is not limited to only your home or business. Exterior lighting can add a great deal of warmth and character to a building. From pool lighting, to landscape ambience, to full security lighting, Pardell Electric Inc can discuss your needs and help lay out a lighting design that meets your desires.

Home Automation

Sometimes it’s nice to indulge in some extravagance. Pardell Electric Inc can install remote controlled blinds, lighting scenes with a push of a button like movie or dinner party, hook up your hot tub, and many other “extras” that move your home into the twenty-first century.